Cataract Surgery- Tips To Speed Up Your Recovery Time

Cataract surgery can give you back your sight.  When your surgery has been carried out by a cataract specialist, recovery time should be uneventful and relatively quick.  Here are some top tips to help speed up your recovery time following cataract surgery.

Doctor's orders

Following your surgery, your optometrist will fit a transparent eye shield over your eye to protect it.  Although it can be tempting to take the shield off to 'test' your eye, you must leave it in place until you are advised otherwise.  This is especially important at night, when you might unintentionally try to rub or scratch your eye while you are asleep.

You will probably also be given antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to use.  These are designed to prevent infection and to keep inflammation of the operation site to a minimum.  You must use these as directed by your specialist for the first week or so following your surgery to minimise your recovery time.

Safe activities 

You can safely use your computer and watch the television for short periods the day after your surgery, provided that you keep sessions brief to avoid eye strain.

Speedy recovery tips

Follow these quick tips to ensure a quick and safe recovery from your cataract surgery.

  • Avoid driving for a few days.  This allows your vision to settle without putting pressure on the operation site.  
  • When you go outside, wear polarised sunglasses for a couple of weeks.  Your eye will be sensitive to light immediately following surgery and exposure to bright sunlight could irritate or damage it.  Wearing glasses will also give your eye protection from windblown dust that could irritate your eye.  
  • Avoid strenuous activity for a month or so following surgery.  A workout at the gym might seem like a good idea, but it could raise your blood pressure, putting undue strain on your eye.  
  • For a few days following the procedure, try not to bend over.  This can put additional pressure on your eye, leading to discomfort and possibly aggravating inflammation.  
  • Take extra care when moving around in unfamiliar surroundings following your surgery.  It's really important that you don't bump into anything that could damage your eye, especially once you've taken the shield off.  
  • Although you may feel some slight irritation, resist the urge to rub your eyes.  This could damage the operation site and lead to infection.  
  • Don't go swimming or use your hot tub for the first week or so following surgery.  The chemicals in the water could irritate your eye and leave it vulnerable to infection.

In conclusion

Cataract surgery can give you back your sight.  Follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your optometrist or cataracts specialist, and use the top tips above to help you along the road to a speedy recovery from your surgery.

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