Prescription glasses: it's about the look

The most important part of a pair of prescription glasses is the lenses, the frame is simply to hold the lenses in place. For those who have to wear glasses every day, though, the look of the glasses matters.

Choosing a frame for prescription glasses

There are hundreds of different frames available to fit prescription lenses, from the more affordable, practical models, through the range of designer glasses frames. When choosing frames, the first consideration should be the suitability for the lenses.

The higher the prescription, the thicker the lens will need to be. Lenses also get thicker as they increase in size, so the higher the prescription, the smaller the frames should be.  This is particularly important for children, whose faces will not support large frames.

Things to think about when choosing a frame for prescription glasses

  • Choose a frame that will fit the shape of your face.
  • Try to match the colour of the frame to your skin tone.
  • Consider how much of a fashion statement you want your glasses to be.
  • Make sure that the frame you choose is suited to your lifestyle. If you are actively involved in sport, you should choose a hardier, more durable frame.

Points to remember when choosing kids glasses frames

  • Keep the frames as small as possible, especially if the prescription is high.
  • Choose frames that the child will be comfortable in and will happily wear.
  • The frames must fit the child's face properly, especially on the bridge of the nose and over the ears.
  • The frames must be durable and able to withstand some level of abuse.

Glasses or contact lenses?

The choice to wear glasses or contact lenses is most often purely personal.

Glasses are very convenient – there is no need to prepare them, store them in any kind of solution, or clean them with special chemicals or liquid, as with contact lenses. Glasses are worn and removed with ease. They are effortlessly stored in a case and can, when necessary, be cleaned with almost any kind of soft cloth.

The choice to wear contact lenses can either be aesthetic or practical. Some people simply feel more comfortable with their appearance in contact lenses. Then there are those who are involved in sports and other activities for whom prescription glasses are an inconvenience, as they fug up, get knocked off or slip down the nose. They can also be spattered by the rain. Contact lenses are more convenient in these contexts. 

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