Trends to Consider When Picking Out Feminine Designer Eyewear

Prescription eyewear, in this day and age, has become much more than a much-needed aid for your vision. With more and more people wanting to look their best, which can be contributed to the social media era, eyeglasses are now considered a fashion statement too, making designers from all around the world take notice. Nowadays, when purchasing prescription spectacles, people will opt for designer frames that will enhance their appearance and make them stand out. Nonetheless, choosing designer frames is not about picking the ones with the highest price tag. Instead, it is best to know what trends are making waves so that your designer frames will be current and fashionable. Below is a short list of trends that you can consider when picking out feminine designer eyewear.

Cat-eye designer frames

The cat-eye frame may be reminiscent of decades past, but they are making a massive comeback in current fashion trends. The distinctive, elongated shape of the frame is suited to any shaped face, so you do not have to worry about whether this design will complement your face or not. Since the cat-eye has been around for a long time, designers are now coming up with creative ways of making their frames stand out. Some of the new designs you can find in unique materials, an accentuation of the cat-eye shape and so on.

Bold colours on thick frames

Decades ago, eyeglasses were thought of as solely utilitarian, so not much thought went into their design. In fact, since people do not like having to wear glasses, the design was made as minimalist as possible so that the eyewear is not distracting. Currently, however, the times have changed. With more and more people looking at eyewear as a fashion piece, it has become stylish to ensure that your glasses are attractive and conspicuous — thus, the advent of the thick-framed glasses in bold colours. While some people may find this design of glasses to bold for daily wear, you can always choose to don the glasses when you are attending a special event.

Ornamental detailed frames

Another trend that is taking over the female eyewear market is designer frames that have ornate detailing on them. This detailing is usually situated at the brow line with the aim of accentuation your facial features, but some designer frames may have detailing all around the frame. Detailing on your eyeglass may seem too flashy for everyday wear, but these types of frames can be incredibly eye-catching if you want to be the centre of attention.

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