Do Your Bloodshot Eyes Mandate A Visit To An Optometrist?

One of the most common, yet underrated eye problems that a good number of adults develop occasionally is bloodshot eyes. However, most people are under the presumption that this issue will come and go on its own. But when your eyes are red and possibly irritated regularly, it should alert you to the potential of an underlying problem that needs the attention of a medical professional. Whether you wear glasses or not, it will be imperative to set up an appointment with an optometrist. This piece looks at the typical causes of bloodshot eyes that should mandate a visit to an optometrist.

Undiagnosed allergies

If your eyes become inflamed from time to time and you have not changed your routine, it could mean that you have allergies that are yet undiagnosed. If the redness is accompanied with a burning sensation, tearing up or even itchiness, you could be reacting to pollutants in your indoor air, mould and so on. If the redness happens during particular seasons, then it could be hay fever. Whatever the case, an optometrist will diagnose the latent issue and prescribe the right eye drops to resolve the problem. 

Onset of glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most serious reasons why your eyes are constantly bloodshot. This disease targets the tissue that is located in your optic nerve. When you develop glaucoma, not only will you first notice redness, but you may also feel severe pain in your eye. More symptoms to be wary of include unexplainable nausea, difficulty driving at night and so on. If caught early, your optometrist will prescribe surgery to restore your vision. 

Development of dry eye

Dry eye is a common ailment that adults usually suffer from for various reasons. One common cause is natural ageing, as this could lead to the inadequate production of tears. Tears are crucial to your eye health since the moisture keeps your eyes lubricated and subsequently minimises the risk of irritation. While age is a common factor, you are also susceptible to dry eye if you stare at a screen all day, which tends to be the norm in the current age. You may also develop dry eye when your eyes are constantly straining. Dry eye can be extremely painful, and when it is left unchecked will impede on your productivity and overall functioning. In addition to eye drops, your optometrist may prescribe glasses that protect you from screen glare.

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