Effective Ways to Reduce Cataract Growth Rates

Cataracts are the primary cause of blindness today. Since you rely on your eyesight every day of your life, it's vital to ensure that you don't get blind because of a cataract problem. Gathering as much information as you can on this subject can save your eyes and give you a clear vision for longer.

So, what should you do to slow the cataract development process and reduce the risk of other eye problems? Remember that these tips are strategies eye doctors recommend because they are considered ideal for your eye's overall health. Read on to know more.

Eat to heal

Most people today are accustomed to eating so they can be full. While it's essential to satisfy your hunger pangs, it's crucial to be mindful of what you eat. In fact, many nutritionists suggest that you eat to heal your body.

A diet that contains plenty and a variety of colourful vegetables and fruits will go a long way in replenishing the nutrients and vitamins the body requires to slow cataract development. Such foods contain potent antioxidants that assist you in maintaining your eye's health.

Avoid direct contact with UV rays

Exposing your eyes to UV rays will do you more harm. The radiation contributes to cataract development, so consider protecting your eyes whenever you are outdoors. All you have to do is get UV-blocking sunglasses to keep radiation away, especially ultraviolet B rays, when you are outdoors.

You may also wear clear glasses that come with UV-blocking features if you don't want to wear sunglasses. Your eye doctor should be able to recommend something that suits your requirements and style.

Keep your health condition in check

Health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes can promote the advancement of cataracts. For this reason, you will need to follow your treatment plan closely to minimise risks.

For instance, if you have diabetes, you should keep your blood sugar in check to limit eye damage associated with glucose levels. This is achieved when you take your medication and check your blood pressure regularly. If the pressure isn't regulated, your doctor will recommend that you adopt another treatment plan.

Control your lifestyle habits

Habits you might be accustomed to, like excessive smoking and alcohol intake, accelerate the development of cataracts. Cigarette smoking causes cardiovascular issues and causes blood vessel issues in your eyes.

So, you have to quit smoking to slow cataract growth, even if you have to seek medical help to stop the habit. Drinking large quantities of alcohol will also do more harm than good, so consider reducing alcohol intake or stopping altogether.

Contact your optometrist to learn more.

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