Could Ortho-K Help You Play Rugby?

If you love to play a high contact sport such as rugby but have some issues with your eyesight, you may feel as if you have few options. You cannot wear glasses on the field of play in such a situation, of course, and you may be worried that you would lose your contact lenses if you tried this option. But before you give up on your passion for this top Australian sport, go and talk to your optician. They may be able to present you with an option known as "ortho– K." What is this, and how could it help?

Temporary Solution

Orthokeratology is a relatively new process and can help temporarily improve eyesight for certain people. With this process, you would wear a pair of rigid gas permeable lenses at night and while you sleep. These lenses help to reshape the front of the eye for a short period so that you can maintain much better vision the following day.

Wearing Process

In the beginning, the optician may recommend that you wear these lenses every night to get the process underway. If things go well, you may cut down the frequency to every other night while still maintaining great vision the following day.

As the RGP lenses temporarily change the shape of the eye, they will revert to their original form if you stop wearing them. In this case, you may have to wear contact lenses during the day instead or revert to glasses if this is your preference.


This solution may not be for everybody. Indeed, experts recommend it for people who have no greater than 2.00D of astigmatism or 4.00D of myopia. You may be able to get some benefits if you fall outside of these limits, and your optician may recommend that you try the solution to see what results you get.

Safety and Wearability

If you've never tried contact lenses before, you should know that these rigid gas permeable options are state-of-the-art. The design allows oxygen to travel through to the eyes and, following an initial period of acclimatisation, you will find that they are very comfortable to wear as well.

Getting More Information

Talk to your optician and contact lens practitioner to get more information about ortho-k. This solution may allow you to turn up for rugby practice after all and enjoy your favourite pastime without worry. Now you can make sure that you ground the ball on the other side of the try line!

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