Three Signs You Should Book an Eye Exam Today

Getting regular eye exams is important for many reasons, but it can also be easy to neglect. This article gives three solid, practical reasons that you should book an eye exam today.

You Haven't Had an Eye Exam in the Last Two Years

It's important to get regular eye exams, as they are the best way to track changes in your vision and eye health. The Guardian explains that all adults should get an eye exam at least every two years, and children and people with eye problems should get them more often. You should also attend exams more frequently if recommended by your optometrist. Attending your eye exam will make sure that your glasses are right for you, and your optometrist may also be able to diagnose eye conditions such as eye strain and dryness, as well as spot the early signs of other conditions like high blood pressure. This makes it really important for your overall health, as well as eye health.

You Feel like Your Vision Has Changed 

It's normal and natural for your eyes to change over the course of your life, but a noticeable change in your vision is a good reason to book an eye exam. A sudden change could be due to ageing, but could also be due to a curable condition such as cataracts. Getting an eye exam after a change is really important as you will be able to get glasses to suit your current eyesight, making your daily life safer and easier. Whether you feel like it's harder to read your favourite book or everything looks a little cloudier, an eye exam can help you figure out what's going on.

You Need New Prescription Eyewear

It's often necessary to get an eye exam when you want new prescription eyewear, and it's always useful as it ensures your new glasses are perfect for your eyes. Maybe you've broken your old glasses, or simply don't feel like they fit with your style. Perhaps you feel the need for prescription sunglasses, or want sports goggles that you can see in. Whatever the case, it's a good idea to get an eye exam before choosing glasses so you can discuss your needs and make an informed choice.

If you haven't had an eye exam for a couple of years, feel like your vision is changing, or just want a new pair of glasses, you might benefit from booking an eye exam today.

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